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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Emergency entry: First days in Leuven :D

Hi everybody!

I´ve been in Leuven for a week and a few days and I haven´t had a moment to sit down and write something for the blog :)
I have been very busy with all the paperwork for the KU Leuven, the registration in the Town Hall (Stadskantoor), buying some stuff for the studio and exploring the city, but anyway, I think that´s something good xD

The activities for the exchange students have started this week. They are called "Orientation Days". On these days we are having many information about the University, Leuven and Belgium in general, which have been really quite usefull in general. Similarly, these days are being a non-stop doing lots of things and we still have the trip to Cologne on Saturday :P

On Sunday, I´ll probably have the opportunity tu relax a bit and to write with more details how these days have been and also to make a little survival guide (where to buy food and stuff for your room, some advices...) for those people who are coming to Leuven in the future and that I´ll publish during the next days.

So, with that I close this entry :P I take the chance to send a greeting to all those people who read my blog and to the people who is here just say... see you in the bars!!! ;)

Keep on Rockin´!!! \m/


  1. I like the english version: well done!.
    I hope I'll read the next post in Boston-MA.

  2. When are you going to Boston? I´ll hope I could talk with you via Skype when you´ll be there :P